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Australian Hippie Girl Vesper Gets Naked Under Waterfall

| December 13, 2011

Here we have the lovely & natural Australian amateur girl Vesper enjoying herself at a mountain stream – she finds a secluded waterfall and strips naked, feeling the cold fresh water cascade down her silky nude skin. I love this shot below, of her kneeling on a rock & showing us her sexy soft round ass with a pair of hairy pussy lips peeking between. She turns her head, looks back smiling at the camera, fully aware of the splendid view.

Courtesy of those excellent purveyors of amateur Australian erotica, Girls Out West.

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And in these photos below we get a couple other glimpses of the series. Vesper peeling her soaking wet panties down her things and again showing off that lovely ass. Spreading her arms wide & letting the water run down her natural wet body, petite breasts and furry pussy in full view. And in the final, she cups her firm breasts, watches as the water beads on her understandably hard nipples…

Nude amateur hippie girl Vesper takes off her panties under waterfallNude hippie girl Vesper shows off her natural body & hairy pussyNude amateur hippie girl Vesper cups her lovely natural breasts

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