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Nude Elf Girl Masturbates Her Hairy Pussy

| January 6, 2012

And another from the excellent fantasy erotica site, Bare Maidens. Any fans of both porn/erotica, and LOTR, Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons and the like should consider a visit…

Here we have a female elf nude and working her magic, which in this case means masturbating her hairy pussy with a crystal ball. Elf girls have no hair down there, you say? This is not always true – High Elf maidens do indeed lack pubic hair, whilst many lady Wood Elves have furry cunts!

Nude elf girl masturbates hairy pussy, LOTR & D&D porn

Sasha also turns to give us a beautiful view of her lovely (and surprisingly round) elven ass, her delicate elf labia peeking out from between thighs and cheeks.

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Blond Hipster Charity Masturbates Outside

| December 30, 2011

Amateur punk goddess Charity masturbates nude in a sun-dappled meadow, flower in her hair, the afternoon light shining off her tattooed flesh, peroxide hair, & lovely natural tits. She looks down with an expression of rapt concentration as she caresses her shaved cunt amongst the green grass. Beautiful setting, all-natural nude amateur girl, no complaints here.

From Gods Girls, one of the net’s best sources for naked amateur punk, hipster, and other scene girls.

Blonde hipster girl masturbates outside, tattoos & natural breasts

Another great shot of her on all fours, panties pulled down to her thighs and hand slid down her white ass to masturbate her pussy from behind. And another with thighs spread and panties pulled to the side, again rubbing her delectable wet cunt.

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Amateur Black Girl Kiki Masturbates at Home

| December 26, 2011

Today we have Kiki – brought to you by the net’s specialists on amateur female masturbation, Yanks.

Petite black girl stripped nude & masturbating her smoothed shaved pussy. Gotta love the way her lovely cunt’s pink glow contrasts against her cocoa-dark skin. She gently pinches her swollen clit between two fingers, gliding her hand up and down her labia…

Amateur black girl masturbating, rubbing clit

The rest of the set is more of Kiki jilling off along with some great views of her body. At one point she climbs atop the chair & turns to show off her fantastic round black ass, with a moist half-opened pussy swelling between her thighs. Yum.

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More Amateur Female Masturbation

| December 7, 2011

Okay, I couldn’t resist – another amateur female masturbation set, this one of the lovely raven-haired Mandy doing the self-pleasure thing on her living room chair. She lays her tank top underneath her ass, to protect the chair’s fabric as her pussy juices exude from her engorged pink labia & trickle down her thighs. Mandy’s masturbatory aid of choice is a sleek black vibrator to massage her pussy lips & clitoris, occasionally teasing the opening of her tight little twat.

This photoset also courtesy of the best female masturbation site out there, Yanks. Plenty more amateur girls masturbating & having real orgasms in photos & movies, and they’re nice folks to boot!

Amateur female masturbation, real orgasm

And in the photos below, Mandy rubs her pussy over pink panties, straddles the vibrator as she smiles into the camera (lucky photographer), and then turns so we can get a view of her beautiful tight ass, while she reaches underneath to masturbate her plump pussy lips with the vibrator. An inviting pose to be sure – round butt thrust outward to show off her engorged cunt & that sweet little asshole above, a blissful smile on her lips.

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Busty Amateur Samantha Masturbates with Fingers and Vibrator

| December 1, 2011

Here we have Samantha Belle, a very cute & busty brunette amateur getting into a little masturbation interlude. Nice shot below – soft focus on her face & beautiful large tits, sharp focus between her thighs as she works a vibrator & fingers into her tight shaved pussy. Vibrator slid up by her clit, a couple fingers working their way between her labia and into her moist cunt. I love how her breasts and nipples stand erect, and her lips parted with pleasure as she masturbates. You can tell her full attention is devoted to self-pleasure, as the vibrator stimulates her clitoris & her fingers slide in & out stroking her G-spot, feeling orgasm approach…

From Yanks, the net’s premiere site for authentic amateur female masturbation & orgasms.

Amateur Female Masturbation to Orgasm

Some more shots of a masturbating Samantha here. Love that shaved & glistening pussy.

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Natural Voluptuous Girl Emily Masturbates

| November 20, 2011

Here we have soft & voluptuous Emily reclining back on the couch and fingering her moist shaved pussy. Such a sexy lady – milky white skin, big natural breasts, and extra curves in all the right places the way nature intended. She spreads those beautiful thighs wide open, slides down on the sofa, and slowly caresses her lovely pink slit.

This set from the best amateur female masturbation site on the net, bar none – Yanks.

Real Amateur Female Masturbation

Emily has a phenomenal video on Yanks too, where she masturbates until her pussy is gushing wet with hot lady-cream, then works herself up to a trembling, moaning orgasm. Completely genuine, extremely sexy. None of those fake, over-acted orgasms you see so often in porn… these folks are committed to showing real amateur women having real orgasms. Nothing sexier than a woman getting off, IMO…

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Amateur Iveta Caresses Her Furry Pussy

| November 18, 2011

I love this girl Iveta. Curvy young body, great natural tits, and a splendid hairy bush between her creamy thighs. She reclines on the couch here with a look of drowsy pleasure in her eyes as she slides two fingers inside her moist furry cunt. Beautiful how her legs are spread wide open and give partial view of her round ass, which we can assume looks splendid from behind. No self-consciousness or shyness here, just a lovely natural amateur girl masturbating and enjoying her own body.

This set courtesy of We Are Hairy, which in my opinion is the best “hairy/unshaved girls” site on the web – the hottest girls, best quality images, and lots of young ladies you won’t find elsewhere on the web. Check them out if you’re a fan of natural & unshorn naked women.

Hairy pussy amateur girl

Here’s a couple more views of Iveta showing off her nearly perfect natural breasts. They don’t get much better than that – high, firm, and round with light-colored and eminently suckable nipples. Just over a handful apiece, my favorite size! And this last photo is a great shot of her glorious hairy pussy, labia parted as her fingers delve inside…

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Amateur Girl Bridgette Masturbating Her Hairy Pussy to Orgasm

| October 25, 2011

Sexy and natural amateur hippie girl Bridgette strips off her blue skirt and gets into a little self-pleasure for our (and her) viewing enjoyment. She caresses her plump and hairy pussy lips until the juices begin to flow, then slides a finger inside her wet pink slit. Brought to you by Yanks, a sex-positive indie porn site dedicated to presenting the best female masturbation videos and photos (with real orgasms!) on the net.

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As a member of Yanks, I’ve seen one of her masturbation videos – it was literally the hottest thing I’ve watched on the web in quite a while. No exaggeration. And I see a lot of porn.

She starts out just slipping a couple fingers inside her moist pussy, caressing her clit a little too, then spreads her thighs wide open and plunges four of them inside her soaking cunt, pumping away until orgasm approaches. Then she slows it waaay down and just ever-so-barely caresses her by-now swollen clitoris with a look of rapt concentration until an orgasm sweeps over her entire body. Her hairy pussy quivers and contracts and a gush of juices flows out from her tender pink lips, all over her thighs and down her ass crack as she gives a sigh of pleasure.

Seriously fucking hot. Nothing like watching a real girl masturbating to a real orgasm, none of that staged over-exaggerated porno stuff. I highly recommend taking a look at the site if you like to see hot young ladies jilling off.

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Pale Redhead Maria Plays With Her Hairy Pussy

| October 18, 2011

Amateur redhead girl Maria bends over for the camera, giving us a very nice view of her delectable pale ass framing a beautiful hairy pussy. I love how her labia are fringed with red pubes and parted a bit, so inviting! As are her “Come here and fuck me now” eyes. Great natural nude body with alabaster white skin and freckles.

From those intrepid purveyors of Australian amateur nudes, Girls Out West.

Redhead with hairy pussy & round ass

Horny but lacking a man or woman to fuck, Maria picks up a vase and slides it into her moist hairy cunt. Her lips (all of them!) part in ecstasy as she impales her lovely natural pale body and wet pussy on it.

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Delectable hairy Idoia has fun with some fruit

| October 16, 2011

Introducing Idoia, who I think is best described by the term “luscious”. Wild curly hair, full red lips, dark hairy pussy, and an unmistakable kinky side. Here we see her clad in white stockings and sexy riding boots, amidst the fruits of harvest. Legs spread wide open, she plunges a cucumber and an apple into her moist hairy cunt.

Courtesy of Magic-Erotica, a unique art-nudes site that takes an edgier approach than many, focusing on the kinky and slightly bizarre.

Hairy pussy nude, white stockings

Impressively she manages to slide the entire apple into her hairy kitty, apple skin and pussy lips both glistening with her wetness. Red delicious indeed!

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